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Progress Report On The Security Wall At Congo For Christ Center

In January we announced the start of a large project to provide safety and security for the orphans at Congo for Christ. The brick portion of the wall is well underway and they have completed almost one-third of the 605 meters needed. The plan is to complete the bottom brick portion all the way around the property first, then add the metal poles which will complete the wall. Even before the metal poles are added the brick portion is a tremendous help in keeping out stray animals and intruders.

The wall will provide protection not only for the orphanage but also the nearly 300 students at Mango Tree School. The total estimate for the wall is $79,957 and we have received about $30,000 of this amount. Every gift, large or small, for the wall project will help us reach the goal of a secure, safe campus for our children in Congo.

Phase One of the wall project is well underway at Congo For Christ Center. This wall will provide much needed protection for the orphans and for Mango Tree School.

You may donate to this project here:

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc May 2015 Newsletter

Volume 30 Issue 5

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