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Christmas Gifts For Orphans

Some of our orphan supporters have expressed interest in helping provide a special Christmas for the orphans around the world that we support. We have set up a special fundraiser at to collect donations to help make Christmas a very special time for all the orphans that we love around the world.

A few bites of meat would make the Christmas meal a celebration for the orphans we support.

Will you help us provide a special meal for the orpans for Christmas and if possible a small gift? These children eat beans, rice and what they are able to grow everyday of the year. A few bites of meat would make the Christmas meal a celebration to them.

You may designate the country of your choide to receive your gift:

* Congo -- learn more about our Congo ministries HERE

* India -- learn more about our India ministries HERE

* Thailand -- learn more about our Thailand ministries HERE

* Vietnam -- learn more about our Vietnam ministries HERE

100% of your gift will go directly to provide a special meal and small gift if possible for orphans supported by Global Outreach Inc.

God bless you for sharing and caring during this Christmas season.

To make a donation please visit:

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