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Orphans in India Enjoy Christmas

Christmas is always a time of joyous celebration for the orphans and teens at Feed My People in Tenali, and the village orphanages and churches. At Christmas they all enjoy a special meal which includes chicken, one of the very few times in the year their diet includes meat. They have special worship services and programs to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Each year the orphans all receive a new school uniform supplied by your gifts through Global Outreach. We also contributed towards the purchase of a new blanket for each child and teen. This year brought a special treat for the children as they each received a small toy. Notice the smiles on the faces of these precious children as they enjoyed their Christmas celebration.

To see more pictures of the Feed My People Christmas celebrations please download our February 2014 newsletter:

To learn more about Feed My People ministries in India please visit our India webpage:

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc February 2014 Newsletter

Volume XXIX Issue II

Download Full Newsletter: February 2014

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