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News From Pastor Jeremiah and Congo For Christ

We recently received an email from Daniel who is the oldest son of Pastor Jeremiah in Congo. Daniel graduated from university this past year and is now working full time with his father at Congo for Christ. Daniel was reflecting on the blessings of 2012:

"I really thank God for His protection through-out this year. The year 2012, has been a very hard year in our livelihood and in other things...despite all that, we have some achievement during this year: the orphans entering the center and being taken care of for a whole year. As per me, I consider this, as a great achievement because that act of taking care of the orphans have inspired many people in our country, especially in Uvira and surrounding communities."

It is difficult for us to understand the struggles and challenges of raising 58 orphan children in Congo. The government of Congo does not provide for these children, it falls to the churches as it did in Biblical times to step up and care for them. With the help of our faithful partners, we will continue to provide these beautiful children with an environment where they can receive the nurturing love and care they so desperately need and deserve. Your monthly gifts ensure that our orphans have food, clothing, shelter, an education, and are daily taught the truths of God’s Word.

We are happy to report a large garden has been planted and soon the children will have vegetables to add to their daily diets of rice and beans. They are in the process of put-ting a fence around the land to keep out wandering goats and other animals and to protect the harvest from theft. Please join us in prayer for a bountiful harvest of much needed vegetables to help build strong minds and healthy bodies.

To see more picture please download our February 2013 newsletter:

To learn more about our ministries in the Congo please visit:!congo/cf6u If you would like to donate to the Congo For Christ Missionary Church and Orphange ministries please visit our donation page:!donate/c1ghi To learn about sponsorhing an orphan at the Congo For Christ Orphange please visit:

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