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Feed My People Celebrates Christmas In India

Christmas in India for Reverend Thomas and the pastors and church congregations under his leadership with Feed My People means a time of special emphasis on sharing the gospel message. Every day from October 1st through the last day of December, more than 100 church members met for prayer throughout the night returning to their homes at 5:30 in the morning. The week preceding Christmas is given to evangelistic meetings, pastoral conferences and worship services among the communities and villages served by Feed My People. Reverend Thomas was the speaker for many of these meetings including a conference attended by 2,000 pastors from several Christian denominations. They also distributed packets of clothing, fed thousands of people, gave blankets to children sufferingwith AIDS, and shared the good news of a Savior born in Bethlehem with thousands. Reverend Thomas reported “this Christmas season many Hindus heard about the birth and life of Jesus Christ.”

Our orphans always look forward to the Christmas celebration as well. They enjoy a special meal, Christmas worship services and each receive a new school uniform. The orphans express their love and thanks to all who make this possible for them. Reverend Thomas said “Thank you for your love and help towards our ministry. Please pray for our ministry and for us so that God will use us in many places for the glory of God.”

To see more picture please download our January 2013 newsletter:

To learn more about our ministries in the India visit:!india/ctg7 If you would like to donate to Feed My People to help them reach more children in need visit our donation page:!donate/c1ghi

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