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Return To The Phillipines

Global Outreach board members, Jan and Don Slaton, joined Bill and Renee Reed for a recent mission trip to Asia. After spending a week together in India, the Reeds went to Thailand and the Slatons returned to the Philippines. This was a joyous reunion for them as they reconnected with friends from their six years of mission ministry there in the 1980’s. This was their first return trip in twenty-five years. Don said he felt as if he was going home. Don and Jan had been asked to look around for the possibility of find-ing a new orphanage that would benefit from partner-ing with Global Outreach.

One of the many friends they reconnected with was Renz Ortiz who had been a teenager and attended youth camps that Jan and Don had directed. Renz and his wife Ellen, now successful business owners, have a desire to help rescue the street children of Manila. These are children two years and older who survive by begging, stealing and scrounging for food and a place to sleep. They do not have the opportunity to attend school. Many of these children end up in jail after being arrested for petty theft. Renz and Ellen are putting their desires into action. They offered to donate a beautiful piece of property to provide space to build an orphanage and school.

The Slatons returned to their home in Nashville and shared this opportunity with the Global Out-reach Board of Directors. God has planted this new ministry in their hearts and Jan and Don will serve as Directors of Haven of Hope. They are currently making preparations to sell their home and move to the Philippines. We are excited to announce that construction of the first orphans home will begin this fall.

Haven of Hope plans to provide space for about 100 orphans to live in a family-like environment. Children will live in a home with a house mother and father to care for them. Each home will have space for twelve children. Initially the children will attend a nearby elementary school. Most importantly, they will learn about and experience the love of Jesus.

Please pray and consider how God would want you to be a part of this new rescue ministry. Each family home will be available to fund and name as a memorial for a lasting legacy of a loved one. The estimated cost for a family home is $25,000. If you would be interested in contributing to a smaller project in memory or in honor of a loved one, please contact us for more information. We are also asking individuals to contribute towards the construction costs of the administration and multi-purpose buildings. You can donate by check to Global Outreach, by credit card on our website or the Haven of Hope fundraising link: As a reminder, 100% of every designated gift is used solely for the specified project. Your gift will change the lives of many precious children in the Philippines forever.

To see more pictures from the Phillipines trip and building floor plans please download our May 2012 newsletter:

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