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Sponsor An Orphan - Change A Life

January often brings new beginnings and changes in our lives. This is especially true for 58 orphans who will be moving into the Congo for Christ Orphanage in Uvira, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on January 6, 2012. These children have been cared for in foster homes of church members while waiting and longing for the joyful day when they would be able to move into their new home...the dormitory built by your donations to Global Outreach. When the dormitory was completed the next obstacle was the lack of water. God supplied a miracle to provide water to not only the Congo for Christ campus, but also an abundant supply that con-tinues to bless the entire neighborhood. Next came the lengthy process of legal work for the court to verify that each child is in fact an orphan and the necessary certification to allow the orphanage to be opened and operated with the approval of the government.

January 6, 2012 is moving day for all 58 orphans and then they will begin school on January 9th near the orphanage. The children range in age from four to sixteen years old with 28 girls and 30 boys. 49 of the children will attend primary school and the nine oldest children are in secondary school. School fees for one term for all of the children are $1005. There are three school terms each year. Global Outreach has been paying the school fees for the orphans, but now will have the added expense of feeding the children and their caregivers, medical expenses, and all of the other costs that go along with raising children. The new budget for Congo for Christ is now $3,300 each month. This is a significant added responsibility for Global Outreach to assume. We believe that with the help of our partners we will be able to meet this commitment as we continue funding the many various ministries in places such as India and Thailand that depend on our monthly support.

Global Outreach is launching a sponsorship program that will help with the expenses to feed the orphans and their caregivers. For $35.00 per month you can provide much needed food for one orphan. We have the names, ages, and sex of each child, and a picture of most of them. When you sponsor a child, you will be able to correspond with your child and learn more about them. We also ask you to pray for your sponsored child daily. We will give you periodic reports and updates on your child as information is provided.

Please pray and consider this opportunity to directly impact the life of one or more orphans. Perhaps you can share this need with your family and friends or your church who might be interested in supporting these precious little ones. Global Outreach is taking this step of faith and believe that God will provide much needed sponsors so that these children can be raised in a loving, Christian environment.

To learn more about tGlobal Outreach ministries in the Congo please visit:!congo/cf6u

To see more pictures of orphans who need sponsors please download our January 2012 newsletter:

Will you consider orphan sponsorship today?!sponsor-an-orphan/c6jz

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