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New Clothing For Orphans In Africa

A few months ago a story appeared on the evening news about a woman in Ohio who had been on a mission trip to Africa. She was so touched by the children that when she returned home she felt compelled to help them and founded an organization to sew clothing for children in Africa. Global Outreach was able to assist Pastor Jeremiah in arranging for a shipment of these clothes for our orphans and other children. So many people in America have donated to this sewing project that we were also able to arrange for another shipment to Pastor Fred in Bukavu, Congo for orphans and children in the community. Pastor Fred is a friend of Pastor Jeremiah and came to Congo for Christ to assist as a translator for our 2010 mission visit as well as for the recent mission team from National Community Church. Global Outreach has also assisted in this project by paying the customs fees to get the boxes released to Pastor Jeremiah and Pastor Fred.

Learn more about Global Outreach ministries in the Congo:

To make a donation to Global Outreach's ministries in the Congo please visit our donation page:!donate/c1ghi

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