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Congo Water Project Update

On our recent mission trip to visit the orphans and Reverend Jeremiah in Uvira, Congo (DRC) one fact became even more real to us:

we must find a way to provide water to the Congo for Christ compound

They have been waiting for over a year for water which will enable them to move the children into the new dormitory. Many people are already living on the compound and the building is being used for church services, Bible College classrooms and dormitory for the college students. Every drop of water that is used is carried by hand up a mountain for a distance of about one mile. I was appalled to see that the children were not offered water to drink after playing outside in the sunshine or with their meals. When I asked about it, they explained they just didn't have enough water to give them.

It has been determined that drilling a well is not feasible due to the location of the land on the side of a mountain. Reverend Jeremiah has found a reputable company that is willing and able to build a system to supply water to the compound. This will consist of a 1.24 mile pipeline from the Mugaja river to the Congo for Christ property. A filtering station and reservoir will also be constructed and will provide three distribution points on the compound. The cost for this water system is estimated to be $35,647.30. You may recall reading about the miracle of provision for this project last April through National Community Church (NCC) in Washington DC. Their generous donation and other gifts that have been designated for the Congo water project have resulted in $20,000 that is in reserve to fund the water pipeline. We plan to begin construction the beginning of March which means it will be finished in time for the visit of a mission team from NCC in June. Your gift this month will help us provide the miracle of water for these precious children. We also invite you to participate in a Valentine fundraiser on Facebook.

To see more pictures, including a water system diagram at the CCC compound, please download our February 2011 newsletter: Learn more about Global Outreach ministries in the Congo:!congo/cf6u To make a donation to the Global Outreach ministries in the Congo please visit our donation page:!donate/c1ghi

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