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Reverend Thomas Reports Much Progress In India

Reverend Thomas and his wife, Mary Grace, are very busy servants of God in India. The Thomas children are now adults working in the ministry as well. In December, Thomas Jr. married Sunitha, one of the orphan girls and they will continue in ministry together. We have supported the Thomas’s for nearly twenty five years and we rejoice as the work of “Feed My People” continues to expand and reach into many villages in the state of Andra Pradesh and surrounding areas.

The third floor of the large building sponsored by Global Outreach in Tenali is nearly complete and will soon be put to good use as the teen girls are moved there from the old building where they currently reside. This building is now home to 179 orphans, an elementary school for the orphans, a Bible College and a Vocational Junior College.

The dedication of a beautiful new Church building in the village of Regulagunta was held early in December, 2010. The work was started there in 1988 among great opposition from the local people. Reverend Thomas recalls,

"many times we were mocked and persecuted and warned to vacate this village...but we did not give up our vision…now we have more than fifty people in our church."

This new building is a blessing to this village as well as a big help to Pastor Paul and the children who live in the nearby orphanage. They still need $700 to purchase windows and doors to complete the building.

As exciting and helpful as the new buildings are, it is always most important to see the changes made in the hearts and lives of people who come to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. This year more than fifty teen girls have been rescued from brothels and given the opportunity for a new life in Christ. They are receiving spiritual training as well as voca-tional training in nursing and related medical fields. Reverend Thomas reports that nearly 600 people have committed their lives to Christ in 2010 through the ministry of Feed My People pastors and workers. Two new village prayer halls and sixteen additional pastors have been added to Feed My People ministry this past year.

Christmas is always a special time for our friends in India. Each year they look forward to a joyous celebration that includes a special dinner with chicken and ice cream. In addition to the new clothing for the orphans and teens, the pastors were given fabric to sew new clothing. Relief work included saris given to some of the elderly women and food and blankets to the poor and needy.

While it is a joy to see the pictures and hear the good reports of the expansion and progress in India, we are reminded that the financial needs grow as the numbers continue to increase. Currently, many pastors need monthly support. The cost of feeding so many children and teens is also increasing. Every dollar invested in the work in India brings results for the kingdom of God.

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