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Make A Mango Tree School Donation

Make A Mango Tree School Donation

$25 = education for 5 children for 1 month
$50 = education for 10 children for 1 month
$150 = salaries for 2 staff members for 1 month
$600 = salary for 1 staff members for 1 semester
$1500 = operating expenses for 1 month

Mango Tree School at Congo for Christ Center, is a beautiful new primary school with capacity for 300 students that opened in 2014. Monthly operating expenses are $1,500 per month. Student fees cover about one half of this amount. We are raising funds to help meet the remaining expenses. This school is providing quality, Christian education for many orphans and community children who would not otherwise be able to attend any school. The children are learning English and French as well as a full range of academic subjects. Your one-time gifts or recurring monthly gifts will help fulfill the dream of education for 300 world changers.

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