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Make A Donation To Thailand Ministries

Make A Donation To Thailand Ministries

Rev. Wanchai Supawas and his wife Pensi began the Samoeng Church in Chiang Mai in 1984. Allan and Harle Eliason visited in 1986, Global Outreach's first year of operations, and learned of their plans to build a home for girls.  In addition to children whose parents have died, many children in Thailand are effectively orphaned by their parents' drug and alcohol addictions and must leave their homes.  Girls are especially vulnerable and easily find themselves trafficked or suffering from their own addictions. Global Outreach sent funds to support the construction of the Samoeng Girls Home, which has been operating for more than 25 years.


Although there is great demand to live at Samoeng Girls Home, there is only enough funding to house twelve girls presently. Monthly support of 2000 Bhat, around $65, is required to fill each of these empty beds.


  • How We Serve in Thailand

    • Evangelism
    • Orphan Care
    • Widow Care
    • Pastor Support
    • Ministry Support
    • Education & Training
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