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Make A CCC Community Feeding Program Donation

Make A CCC Community Feeding Program Donation

-- $25 = feed 50 children for one day
-- $50 = feed 100 children for one day
-- $100 = salary for 2 cooks for one 1 month
-- $150 = fuel and food to feed 300 students for 1 day
-- $500 = salaries for 2 cooks for 1 semester

The Congo For Christ Community Feeding Program started as a way to make sure the local primary school students had enough to eat. After its inception, Pastor Jeremiah and the leadership at Congo for Christ Center made the decision to expand the feeding program to the community children of the area and not limit it to Mango Tree School students. In addition to feeding hungry children, a worship service is offered for the children to hear and learn about the love of Jesus.

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